Goodman Group Securityholder Review 2013

Strength in numbers

Goodman Foundation

“We are privileged enough to have a partner in Goodman. We love the team, we love the genuine commitment to us and we are so grateful that we are part of their family and they are an integral part of ours.”

Ronni Kahn
Founder and
CEO OzHarvest


charities supported around the world by the Goodman Foundation

Support in the community

The Goodman Foundation supports the underprivileged in our community as well as providing support in times of need. Its focus is on social change and improving the standard of living or the health of our community by providing practical assistance. It does this through a comprehensive strategy encompassing contributions to the community through the distribution of cash, volunteering, workplace giving and in-kind programmes, with long-term (three+ years) partnerships developed and being delivered with charitable organisations across all Goodman locations.

The successful implementation of the Goodman Foundation’s strategy in the 2013 financial year has resulted in the expansion of its activities into Continental Europe through the development of new partnerships with SOS Children’s Villages in Belgium and France. Further expansion of this relationship is planned for Poland and Germany in the 2014 financial year.

The selected charities that Goodman supported during the 2013 financial year included:

  • OzHarvest
  • Good Beginnings Australia
  • Yalari
  • TNC Inc
  • MS Australia
  • NCIE (National Centre of Indigenous Excellence)
  • Property Industry Foundation (PIF)
  • Humpty Dumpty Foundation
  • Starlight Foundation
  • Australian Cancer Research Foundation
  • Clown Doctors
  • The Smith Family
  • Red Cross Australia Disaster Appeals
  • Duffy Books in Homes (New Zealand)
  • Benji’s Centre (Hong Kong)
  • Wooden Spoon (UK)
  • SOS Children’s Villages
  • Chinese Red Cross Foundation (China)

Staff engagement programmes

The Goodman Foundation conducts two employee focused programmes called Good+Deeds and Good+Heart. These two programmes allow Goodman employees to contribute in various ways to several organisations which are making a real difference to people’s quality of life.

More information on Sustainability, our Diversity Policy and initiatives and the Goodman Foundation is available in the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability section in Goodman’s 2013 Annual Report or the Goodman website at

“We greatly appreciate the support given to SOS Children’s Villages this year. Goodman is making a difference to SOS Children’s Villages in Belgium and France and soon also in other European locations. This is the benefit of partnering with a global organisation and we thank Goodman for their generosity and for giving a home and a future to so many children.”

Tom Moons
Global Partnership Manager
SOS Children’s Villages